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Home Repairs & Remodeling

Rick's is a home repair and remodeling business serving Columbia, TN areas. Whether you need repairs due to fire or water damage or want to add a new room, you can be assured that your project will be done on time and within budget. Your satisfaction is our guarantee of success. We don't cut corners or compromise on quality regardless if your project is a major remodel or a more simple handyman type job. We specialize in making your existing home your dream home.

Remodeling and Home Repair
Lic.# 88600
Columbia , Tn. 38451
Fully Insured

What you can expect from our home remodeling and repair service:

  • Attention to detail and meeting client needs is the priority at Rick's. A crew experienced in all phases of construction from new builds to repairs. Exceptional quality and outstanding client service makes Rick's Remodeling and Home Repair a standout in the construction industry in the Columbia, TN area.

  • Most home repairs and remodeling are done in occupied homes/buildings. Every effort is made to minimize the disturbance and construction debris in your living or working environment.

  • Communication is very important in a remodeling process. You will get frequent updates on progress and you are always welcome to ask questions.

  • We will work with your insurance company if you need home repairs.

  • If you have a designer or architect Rick's will work with them to bring your vision to life.

  • All necessary building permits are pulled and/or verified by us prior to beginning construction.
- Screened Porches
- Patios and Decks
- Basement and Garage Conversions
- Bonus Rooms
- Additions
- Bathroom Remodeling
- Kitchen Remodeling
- Vinyl, Hardie and Wood siding installations
- Inner trim, baseboard and crown
- Window replacement
- Add a Garage - detached or attached
- House Painting - Interior and Exterior

- Fire Damage Cleanup and Repair
- Water Damage Repair
- General Home Repairs
- Shingle Replacements
- Roof Vent Boot replacement
- Termite Damage repairs
- Drywall replacement or fixes
- Interior / Exterior Painting
- Wrap exterior wood framed windows  with aluminum to protect them.
and more ...

Going Green
Incorporate 'Green' into your building, remodeling or home improvement project.
- Replace old appliances with new 5 Star rated models that are more energy efficient.
- Consider using water-saving toilets, shower heads and faucets.
- Choose products that have been or could be recycled.
- Purchase rugs and fabrics made with natural fibers to reduce the chemicals in your home.
- Install energy efficient windows and doors.

There are many options available to lessen your environmental footprint when you do home improvements, repairs or remodeling. We will be glad to discuss with you more ways that you can "Go Green"
Let us turn your vision into reality.
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